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If a product, including foods and supplements, sold in California contains a chemical that is listed on the Prop 65 list of chemicals that are “known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity”, a warning for the product may be required if exposure to that chemical is above the Safe Harbor Level (if one has been established).  Failure to comply with the regulations can result in your company being issued a “60-Day Notice” of non-compliance or “Notice of Violation” and your company can be taken to court if a settlement is not reached. Settlement fees can cost companies tens of thousands to as much as several hundred thousand dollars. Compliance with this regulation cannot be ignored.

“I actually talked to Brett a year ago – and some other prop shops – to get some basic information, but this time I wanted to take advantage of BBLADES’ test program… Brad asked me very detailed questions about my rigging and set-up, the type of boating I like to do, very technical and involved.” Matthysse ended up testing a 24p pitch BBLADES OB/F and a 24 BBLADES Blaster , and was so impressed, he bought both props. “I use the OB/F for tubing with the family: five people and lots of gear. The prop has really good manners at low speeds, and holds the bow right where I want it. It’s a good all-around prop.”

With plenty of trial and error, I was able to get my act together and start cutting out my parts. My blaster grips were a particularly nice example of the capabilities of this machine. I did a first pass with a ⅛" wide bit that hogged out the majority of the material. Then I was able to swap to a 1/16" bit to do another, slower and more detailed pass to fine-tune the surface. These parts were cut from insulation foam as a test before attempting the cuts on more dense parts. Overall I was pretty happy with how it turned out. It was pretty spot on with the 3D print from the same model.

Test prop youtube

test prop youtube


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