Test prop injection

Service temperature is an important factor in impact resistance. In elevated temperatures it tends to be higher (to a limit), but when it is lowered, plastic products tend to turn stiffer. As the modulus of the material is increased, some toughness is lost. Amorphous plastics do this gradually but semi-crystalline materials might turn from ductile to brittle very suddenly as the temperature goes below their Tg. A water bucket made of PP (Tg app -10°C), for example, might easily break on a cold winter day while a HD-PE bucket (Tg app. -90°C) is still ductile. Based on this, one might expect PA6 (Tg app. 50°C), for instance, to be brittle in room temperature, but it is not. It is not that simple, in other words; each plastic material has its own characteristics. Finding a stress-strain-temperature curve for each material candidate is therefore helpful and Campusplastics database is worth researching: Type for an example "stress-strain PC" into the search-area to find diagrams available for different PC grades.

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The Dual Axis Rigging also controls the boat’s power trim system. The Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines also are equipped with i-Trim. This feature will automatically trim the engine based on the engine RPM to aid optimize the boat’s performance. At any point, the driver can override this feature with manually trimming the engine. The system also has Fast-Track power trim, which rapidly trims the motor up and out of the water at an angle of 81 degrees. This high lift angle gets the whole drive out of the brine and eliminates corrosion from electrolysis.

Test prop injection

test prop injection


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