Test prop dosage for trt

I've been on these products for 3 months, I started doing 100 mcg each 3 times a day so: on workout days in the morning 20/30 minutes before breakfast, 20/30 minutes before lunch, and immediately after the workout . on days I did not train the pin I did right after training I did it 20/30 minutes before dinner. after a few days I noticed more fullness in the muscles and more vascularization, my hunger was crazy, after about a week I put on 2 kg, I also saw some water retention, so I decided to lower the dosage to 80 mcg of each, hunger has stabilized and water retention is gone.

Thanks for the post. Very easy to read, and straight forward. I went through to doctors before I found one that kind of understood. My current doc just upped my dose to 300mg every 2 weeks from 200mg. My T level was at 540 (200mg).
These shots have greatly improved my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, among many others. — here’s my question that’s going to sound stupid. If 300 mg injected once every two weeks can get me a level of a round 800, can 150 mg every week get me T levels close to 1200? 1200 is where I want to be. Thanks.

Test prop dosage for trt

test prop dosage for trt


test prop dosage for trttest prop dosage for trt