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Identifying the location of the subject's response is another element scored in the Rorschach system. Location refers to how much of the inkblot was used to answer the question. Administrators score the response "W" if the whole inkblot was used to answer the question, "D" if a commonly described part of the blot was used, "Dd" if an uncommonly described or unusual detail was used, or "S" if the white space in the background was used. A score of W is typically associated with the subject's motivation to interact with his or her surrounding environment. D is interpreted as one having efficient or adequate functioning. A high frequency of responses coded Dd indicate some maladjustment within the individual. Responses coded S indicate an oppositional or uncooperative test subject. [25] [38]

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If you would like to compare your personality to another person's, please select how you are related to the other person.
(Click for choices) My Friend My Roommate My Co-worker Other (non-relative) My Sister My Brother My Half-sister or half-brother My Mother My Father My Son My Daughter Other (family relative) My Girlfriend My Boyfriend My Partner (significant other) My Spouse Directions: The following statements concern your perception about yourself in a variety of situations. Your task is to indicate the strength of your agreement with each statement, utilizing a scale in which 1 denotes strong disagreement, 5 denotes strong agreement, and 2, 3, and 4 represent intermediate judgments. In the boxes after each statement, click a number from 1 to 5 from the following scale:

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neither disagree nor agree
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly agree
There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, so select the number that most closely reflects you on each statement. Take your time and consider each statement carefully. Once you have completed all questions click "Submit" at the bottom.
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Test e 250

test e 250


test e 250test e 250test e 250test e 250test e 250