Propionate rich foods

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The benefits of stimulating the growth and activity of both beneficial bacteria and mucosal cells are many. They include a healthy gut barrier that protects against invasion of pathogens or toxins, greater resistance to infection, modulation of the immune system and inflammation, stimulation of peristalsis (promoting healthy bowel movements), and increased absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Examples of different types of prebiotic fibres include fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), inulin, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), beta glucans, pectin and resistant starch.

Table of glycemic index and load values The average GI of 62 common foods derived from multiple studies by different laboratories High-carbohydrate foods GI White wheat bread* 75±2 Whole wheat/whole meal bread 74±2 Speciality grain bread 53±2 Unleavened wheat bread* 70±5 Wheat roti 62±3 Chapatti 52±4 Corn tortilla 46±4 White rice, boiled* 73±4 Brown rice, boiled 68±4 Barley 28±2 Sweet corn 52±5 Spaghetti, white 49±2 Spaghetti, whole meal 48±5 Rice noodles† 53±7 Udon noodles 55±7 Couscous† 65±4 Breakfast Cereals Cornflakes 81±6 Wheat flake biscuits 69±2 Porridge, rolled oats 55±2 Instant oat porridge 79±3 Rice porridge/congee 78±9 Millet porridge 67±5 Muesli 57±2 Fruit and fruit products Apple, raw† 36±2 Orange, raw† 43±3 Banana, raw† 51±3 Pineapple, raw 59±8 Mango, raw† 51±5 Watermelon, raw 76±4 Dates, raw 42±4 Peaches, canned† 43±5 Strawberry jam/jelly 49±3 Apple juice 41±2 Orange juice 50±2 Vegetables Potato, boiled 78±4 Potato, instant mashed 87±3 Potato, french fries 63±5 Carrots, boiled 39±4 Sweet potato, boiled 63±6 Pumpkin, boiled 64±7 Plantain/green banana 55±6 Taro, boiled 53±2 Vegetable soup 48±5 Dairy products and alternatives Milk, full fat 39±3 Milk, skim 37±4 Ice cream 51±3 Yogurt, fruit 41±2 Soy milk 34±4 Rice milk 86±7 Legumes Chickpeas 28±9 Kidney beans 24±4 Lentils 32±5 Soya beans 16±1 Snack products Chocolate 40±3 Popcorn 65±5 Potato crisps 56±3 Soft drink/soda 59±3 Rice crackers/crisps 87±2 Sugars Fructose 15±4 Sucrose 65±4 Glucose 103±3 Honey 61±3   Data are means. *Low-GI varities were also identified. †Average of all available data.

Propionate rich foods

propionate rich foods


propionate rich foodspropionate rich foodspropionate rich foodspropionate rich foodspropionate rich foods