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Certain manufacturers further customize the way the propeller mounts to the motor. Some have D-shaped (single or double) cutouts on the motor, and the propeller has the missing material; this ensures that the propeller will not loosen itself in flight. Other manufacturers have been known to include other types of specific “male / female” motor to propeller connections as well. Newer propellers have a thread rather than a hole which is opposite to that of the rotation, and the motor’s shaft has the same thread, essentially tightening the propeller when rotating.

1) We highly recommend you use a board on the top and bottom of a properly sized box, and bolt the propeller to the bottom board using a piece of all thread. This will protect the propeller when we return ship to you.
2) If you don’t have access or the ability to make the boards. Then it is highly recommended you pack the propeller or wrap with packing paper sufficiently to protect the propeller when we return ship to you.
3) Another option is you purchase the correct propeller box from us. This option is . we highly recommend you keep this box for future shipping
4) Steve’s Custom Props is NOT responsible for damage when UPS or FEDEX returns your propeller to you.
5) You may also request shipping insurance during the return of your propeller. You must ask for this option.

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