Isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100

Hi guys, just to let you know, in the UK in wales, there's this service called , which does free lab tests on any drug you send in to them. Just taken a screenshot from the results page, you can see that Isis primo is actually deca (lol primo being actually deca, what's new). I didn't actually buy it from buy-, just that the system wouldnt let me put anything else. Just goes to show that UGL's are never 100% reliable. You guys can go to the page and have a look around, alpha pharma tested well, as well as some rohm orals

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Isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100

isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100


isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100isis pharmaceuticals tren acetate 100