Anadrol sale

In addition to increasing your chance of severe injury, Anadrol 50 can also cause side effects related to increased estrogen in your system. These side effects primarily include the presence of breast tissue and can be a serious problem for people who are sensitive to estrogen. Other side effects include severe liver damage due to the constitution of Anadrol, mood swings, and high blood pressure. The decision to take Anadrol should not be taken lightly. You have to understand that along with increased muscle mass comes a long list of potential (and very serious) side effects. Liver protectors such as Milk Thistle, ALA and Liv52 are a must when you use Anadrol.

The decline in both female and male libido can be linked to the decline in secretion of HGH in the body. Sexual potency and HGH levels are high in puberty, however diminishes throughout as you percent of men have erection problems as they approach 80 years. A clinical study in South Africa conducted of about 300 ageing adults proved that HGH treatment boosted sexual potency in about 75 percent of men. Furthermore, interviews conducted on people in Denmark using HGH therapy to slow down aging process indicate both men & women experienced improvement in sexual function and libido.

Anadrol sale

anadrol sale


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